Didier Merah Japan

ディディエ・メラ・ジャパン オフィシャルサイト

Neverland (Tribute to Michael Jackson)

A legend of the Neverland which disappeared from the earth with me,
Do you remember it?
The dream such as the candy which is not too sweet begins here,
It grew up with the smile of children who came.

I'm a guide.
While guiding the place that the guest wants to go anywhere,
I regained the heart of the child at the same time.

I am met at the sun when I climb the tree, and I stretch out a hand to the sky and a cloud and,
I took fruit of golden light in a mouth and wrote a song.

The time went by flatly, and the dream became all the reality here.
There only was my escape place.

The oasis of the illusion that there is nowhere anymore, Neverland.
To the merry-go-round which continues still turning around in a memory,
While you and I with the child on smile, I line up and fly in the sky.